"There is no producer that I would rather work with than SJ.

Her passion and drive for her work is only matched by her ability to support and execute a wide variety of creative productions, all the while keeping things tight to budget and arriving at final products that continue to make an impression on their audience." 

Dylan Maranda, independent director - DYLANMARANDA.COM & KIT AND ACE



"Highly professional and passionate about what she does.

Well connected within the industry, SJ followed our brief and enhanced it tenfold to achieve a result far greater than we could have imagined. She is creative and visionary, yet respectful of others' ideas and our established brand identity.

SJ is unflappable, resolving many a difficult situation even while working remotely from another country with an eight hour time difference. She continually removed unnecessary stress from within our company, taking complete responsibility for everything she agreed to do and carrying it out to an extremely high standard." 

Tess Andrews, Co-Founder - LOXLEY ENGLAND



"One hell of a producer; conscientious and level-headed with the ability to think on her feet.

She is forever creatively focused yet always has one eye on the business end of the transaction, thinking through the budgetary implications and logistics for her client.

She approaches her work with good humor and a wonderful can-do energy." 

Eleanor Harrison, Owner & Director - PEARSON LYLE



"I have worked closely with SJ for four years and wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Not only is she extremely professional, very capable and efficient, she is also - genuinely - a pleasure to work with and fun to be around; qualities that are rare in the industry!" 

David Lamb, Stylist & Director / Founder - LAMB CREATIVE



"A powerhouse professional.

SJ's communication and organizational skills are top-notch and she has the ability to look past numbers and spreadsheets to approach things with a creative and critical eye.

She has a great knack for identifying talented photographers from Vancouver to Sydney, and is able to give them helpful, informative guidelines - her asks are always clear and concise.

... would work wither her anywhere, anytime."

Mike Small, Editor - THE ANTE | KIT AND ACE



"She makes everything uncomplicated.

And her enviable calmness is wonderfully reassuring.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for SJ and, as if by magic, she can conjure up anything that's needed!" 

Lesley Dilcock, Creative Director - rep'd by PEARSON LYLE



"One of my favorite people to work with.

SJ is always calm and incredibly organized.

She is a creative thinker, foreseeing and solving any issues that may arise whilst never taking her eye off the bigger picture."

Sarah Bunter, Casting Director - BUNTER CASTING